Marathon Training Day #41: Snowdown showdown


With the storm over, Toronto was left with a ton of snow. I’m not one to shy away from difficult running conditions, but the snow provided lots of challenges for my planned hilly route. So I just headed out to see what I could do.

I thought I’d stick to main streets, but the narrow pathways and plenty of people made keeping pace a challenge. I eventually ended up criss-crossing through Cabbagetown, where the foot traffic had stamped down most of the snow (thank goodness for YakTrax!), but the lack of people meant I didn’t have to play Red Light, Green Light as I ran.

I enjoyed it. Weirdly. Today was the kind of day that evokes terms like “winter wonderland.”

But will I enjoy it after running 20k in it tomorrow?



The run: 6.6k in 45:41
The route:

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