Marathon Training Day #49: Winter wonderland

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One of the (many) good things about coming to the cottage is that it is perfect for hill training. It’s at the end of a 5k road that’s nothing but up and down hills. I couldn’t avoid them if I tried.

Today was cold, but sunny, and after a morning of lounging about, I knew I had to get back into running. So I suited up and headed out. When the sun hit just right, it was stunning and beautiful and perfect. But in the shade, it was freezing and windy and miserable.

It felt good to be back out there again. I managed to run the entire route (albeit it slowly), which makes me feel confident that I didn’t lose too much training ground over the week I just missed.

But the real test will be my long run tomorrow.



The run: 8k in 1:07:55
The route:

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