Marathon Training Days #42-48: A different kind of marathon

This greets me every single morning. It's awesome.

This greets me every single morning. It’s awesome.

I had high hopes this week to squeeze a run or two in despite it being the busiest work week of the year for me. (For those wondering, I work on this show at CBC Radio.) I ran my 20k long run (in 2:36:56) on Sunday (Day 42) before heading to work in the afternoon. I felt strong. I could do this.

These hopes were shattered on Monday (Day 43), when, at 11pm, I was still at work, and needed to be back by 7am the next morning.

Tuesday (Day 44) and Wednesday (Day 45) were the same. On Thursday (Day 46), I left work at 7pm, but was so exhausted running was an impossible dream. Same with Friday (Day 47). I left at a normal(ish) hour, came home, called my parents and fell asleep at 8pm.

I probably could have ran on Saturday (Day 48), but I didn’t. My body was still in work recovery mode. The thought of running completely overwhelmed me.

Now it’s Sunday (Day 49). I’m planning to run today. But it’s noon and I’m still in my pajamas, catching up on New Yorker issues at the cottage and trying not to think about the fact that it’s -20 degrees outside.

But I will run today. It might not be the 60 minute hilly route that’s on my schedule. It definitely won’t be the speed work I missed this week. But I will run today.

My training will get back on track this week. So will blogging. I just need to finish all these New Yorkers first.


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2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Days #42-48: A different kind of marathon

  1. Jenn @ Running and Lifting says:

    Was wondering what happened to you the past week! Hopefully next week settles down for you so you have more time and aren’t too tired for your runs. I kind of need to get back on track with things too. Funny how fast a day or 2 off can turn into much longer :/

    • Erin says:

      Yup, everything should be back to normal now! I

      I knew it was coming, but had my fingers crossed that this year would be less crazy than previous ones. Ah well. It happens. At least it’s early enough in my training, it should be easy to get back on track.

      It’s so easy to continue not running once you start, though!

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