Moksha Maple

Moksha Maple, we found you!

Moksha Maple, we found you!

What: Vinyasa Flow
When: Saturday, February 2 @ 1:30pm
Where: Moksha Maple (1480 Major Mackenzie Drive, Unit E8
Maple, ON
Who: Kyneret Azizo


In case you were unaware the littlest Fit Girl, our baby sister Anne, has decided to move to Toronto. Welcome Anne! Now that Anne has officially moved in, found a job, and has a few friends to hang out with, she needs something else to keep her busy. Naturally, Erin and I suggested yoga and running. But Anne was not having it. Some how joining the Toronto Roller Derby came to mind, but that’s a story for Anne to tell.

My last weekend in Toronto was coming up very fast, so Anne and I decided to make a trip to Vaughan Mills for a little shopping. How did this come about? Where Anne needed things to do I suggested she invest in a Passport to Prana to get to know the yoga studios in the city. It was an excellent time to buy because Passport to Prana was giving away a daily prize for those who bought or renewed their card. One day the prize happened to be a $100 gift card to Lululemon. Guess who won? Anne! So to get the most bang for her buck, I offered to drive us to the outlet store where Anne bought THE BEST purple tights and a running head band for me! Thanks, Anne!

Of course, because we drove all this way, I wanted to visit a new Moksha studio.


Anne is ready for some yoga!

Anne is ready for some yoga!

Our arrival to class was magical. The studio shone like a gem amongst a sea rocks. The colours of the studio were like the sea and the greeting we received was warm and inviting. The studio is two years old, but it still smelled brand new.

Our class was also very great. As soon as Kyneret began instructing rhythm and breath, I knew right away, from the tempo of class, she was a vinyasa teacher. But when she sang the ABC’s to our abs sequence (this was the first thing we did in class) I had my doubts for the moment. As the class when on I began to have a lot of fun. We powered through the hour building upon a basic sequence to more and more challenging poses. I liked Kyneret’s series and teaching style very much, and Anne did too.

If I’m ever out that way again I wouldn’t miss the chance to visit Moksha Maple again. Jackie, the studio director, made sure to invite us back. I will be back, Jackie and Kyneret, and when I do I will be a Moksha teacher too!


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