Marathon Training Day #53: Getting back in the habit

Chocolate almond milk. The greatest post-run drink ever made.

Chocolate almond milk. The greatest post-run drink ever made.

I was dreading this 12k. I don’t know if it’s because my last run was so brutal or because I wasn’t feeling 100% or because I had fallen out of my routine. It’s too easy to fall out of a routine — and too hard to get back into it again. (I totally spaced on a committee meeting at work today. Simply forgot and didn’t go. Yikes.) But in the end, I’m glad I ran today. It was less cool and less windy than last night. The sky was clear and the moon was bright. Physically, it hurt (I’ve started to have weird back pain when I run. I feel like I’ll never be 100% again) but it wasn’t unbearable. It’s been worse. It’s been better too. It can — and will — get better.

It has to.

Tomorrow, I have nothing on the calendar. A meeting means no lunch yoga and a social engagement means no night yoga. But it’s a recovery week, so I’ll allow it.

It’s all about getting back into the swing of things, one day at a time.



The run: 11.9k in 1:23:44
The route:

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2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #53: Getting back in the habit

  1. Jenn @ Running and Lifting says:

    Is that the Silk Dark Chocolate Almond? The Almond Breeze Chocolate is pretty good too, though I think I like the Silk one a bit more. Definitely a refreshing drink, and I like to use it in smoothies as well.

    One of my fav current routes is running up Broadview to O’Connor and then I usually go east. I like that it’s a major street so the sidewalks are generally all snow/ice free, but it’s still not busy so you aren’t trying to weave through people as you run.

    • Erin says:

      Yes it is! Best almond milk EVER. The dark chocolate is the best.

      O’Connor is pretty good. I only run that far north on my longer runs, but it does hit the spot of being cler but not busy — key in this winter!

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