Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #2


Oh my goodness I can not keep my eyes open. Not even long enough to write today’s recap…

I’ll make it short and sweet. I can’t risk drooling on my computer. That and I do have a 9pm curfew – that’s if I can even stay up that late!

Every morning over the next 30 days we will have silent mornings. So this morning was the first day I spoke in silence as myself and my fellow trainees/housemates got ready for the day. Then I laced up my sneakers and ran to the studio (I have the worst book bag for running, plus it had all the things I needed for that day – it’s a work in progress). Sure 6:30am practice each morning won’t be too bad, but here’s the worst part: I’m not allowed to have coffee! Noooooo!

The schedule for my next four days. Busy, busy!

The schedule for my next four days. Busy, busy!

Our morning asana was hot. Really hot. Hotter than normal hot. And it was the first time in class, in a really long time, I wanted to run out of the room. Thankfully I did not, and was treated to a special foot massage by Jess! Jess Robertson (the other co-founder of Moksha Yoga) is something special. She melts my heart how passionate she is about yoga and life and human equality and the environment. I’m smiling just thinking about her. I was meant to meet this woman I know it.

After class Ted lead us through a 3 hour posture workshop where we covered the ins and outs of the Moksha sequence starting with Pranayama breathing ending with Powerful Pose. After lunch was an update and group activity with Bryde followed by our second asana lead by Ted.

After class we marched our way back to the lecture space for our first Teaching Methodology with Jess! Again, my heart bursts for this lady, she makes me want to be a teacher even more.


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