Marathon Training Day #54: One of those days

My #2 mug. Now my #1 mug. Not by choice.

My #2 mug. Now my #1 mug. Not by choice.

Yesterday, I fell in the food court on my to get coffee — for no reason — and smashed my favourite mug.

Then I pocked dialled a work VIP.

Then, after a frustrating grocery run for food for friends who were coming over that night, I left my wallet in a bus stop. A good Samaritan picked it up, called the cell on the business cards, so I had to get off the streetcar, cab it to where she was hanging, then cab home, then throw together food in like 5 minutes to look like the perfect host.

In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t a terrible day. I could have broken my leg instead of my mug. The person I pocket dialled could have picked up. I could have never seen my wallet again. But I didn’t feel in control of anything. And I don’t like that feeling.

So it was probably for the best I didn’t work out yesterday. Imagine what could have happened.

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