Moksha Teacher Training Day #3

Day three down. How many more to go? These days are starting to blend together and my brain is exploding with information. And I feel as though I have retained none of it. But my energy by the end of day three was much higher than last night.

This morning’s asana was tiring. I felt drained, but — lucky for us — Bryde left out the standing warrior series. Was this by mistake? Possibly. But maybe she sensed my fading attention.

Today’s lecture was Anatomy with THE Dina Tsouluhas. I have head only great things from Jackie and the entire Moksha Community about Dina T. And now I understand. She has a beautiful spirit and she expresses her love for yoga and what she does. She is a born teacher. We learned all about our bones! I felt like I was in Grade 10 biology all over again. It was so great! I was a sponge and soaked up every word Dina spoke. During lecture, Dina threw in some interesting partner activities where we touched each others bones, modified each other’s downward dog poses, and finally did mini-massages on the head.

After lunch was study time. We had an hour to study the Moksha script. Or sleep. Which the majority of us did. Me included.

Our second class of the day was lead by Ezmy! And with a few non scripted Moksha poses, Emzy mixed this up, just a bit, to get us out of the same old same old, we’ve done 5 times in the last 3 days. I need a Moksha break… this is probably not a good sign. Oh Ezmy (as I would say pretty much after every class I’ve taken with Ezmy) that was great and yes you kicked my bum. This is what I needed to get me though the rest of the day.

Afternoon lecture was another posture workshop with Ted where we continued to break down (and apart) each pose in the Moksha sequence. Today, we made it from Prayer twist to Triangle pose. Ted’s light hearted since of humour kills me. He is so humble and excited by everything we ask. He is another natural teacher and mentor. I have so much love for all my new teachers, it is insane. This may not be the case come week 3.

We shall see.


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