Marathon Training Day #56: Ice ice baby


I wasn’t feeling this run. At all. My original plan was to do all 16k on the Don Valley, but when it turned out to be covered in uneven ice — making it impossible to feel confident about my steps and increasing the risk of injury — I aborted my plan at Pottery Road. New plan: turn around and run to work, so I can pick up my bike to use in the afternoon. This meant a mid-run pit-stop at my house to return my YakTraks and grab my work pass (my helmet was in my office). I started to get into a groove about 10 minutes from my house, but I was too tired and too sore to truly enjoy it.

In the end, I came up 1.8k short of what I was supposed to do. While I feel bad about this, I ran 2k longer on Monday and it’s a recovery week. I did all I could handle.

That said, I feel like I’m ready to tackle Week #8 with aplomb.


The run: 14.2k in 1:54:55
The route:

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