Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #4

It’s incredible the difference one day makes. On Day 3, I was tired and sore in class, but on Day 4 I felt great! This morning Dina taught us a 90 minute Moksha sequence with a morning meditation to start us off. Dina was amazing and so aware of everything and everyone. Not only did she teach us, she was there with us. Like really with us. She was observant and focused – it was a joy being in her class.

This morning, Jess taught us more teaching methodology and after lunch Deena Robertson (Jess’s sister and one of Moksha LA’s co-owners) and Ezmy gave us an hour prep on how practice teaching is going to work. Oh my goodness, this is going to be scary! I have this to look forward to on Day 5. But I’m hoping Ezmy’s wonderfulness will keep me from holding back or getting to taught up in the hardest part and just have fun with it.

Here is Jess! Teaching us about Teaching.

Here is Jess! Teaching us about Teaching.

Our second class of the day was lead by Ted, again, but this time I felt stronger. My thighs feel less achy, which was really taking a toll on my practice. Ted always makes a point to build the class upon the lessons we learned in lecture. In our posture workshops we are breaking down each pose – from every movement, to each expression of the poses, to the release values (points were we’ll tend to slack off if the pose becomes too hard), to areas where we hold containment in the posture. It’s all so interesting!

After class Ted lectured on the next few poses of the sequence from Triangle to Dancers – we’re moving right along. Again, there is so much information to absorb. I hope I can retain some of it. Or any of it for that matter. But as Ted finishes each lecture, I have to forget everything he said and trust this information lives in every cell of my body. Ted then always thanks us for our curiosity and love of yoga. We are helping to make this world a more peaceful and better place.

Oh my goodness, Ted could not be more great.

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