Krudar Round 2


What: Muay Thai Boxing — Beginner’s class
When: Wednesday @ 6pm
Where: Krudar Muay Thai (152 Augusta Ave)
Who: Ryan Wilson

Remember back when, when Erin and I got to punch and kick each other because we were told to do it?! Well we both promised each other we’d go back for another visit in the New Year. Well, Krudar Muay Thai recently under went some major studio changes, relocating to a new (but rather close) part of town and adding new classes to their schedule. It was time to go back and check out the new space!

One of Cecilley’s New Year’s resolutions was to learn Muay Thai, I know, I was kinda surprised too, but I wasn’t going to judge. I thought it was great! And of course I knew the best place to learn. So as a promise to her (and myself) we both went to a beginner thai boxing class with Ryan.

I was excited to see the new set up, and with a personal guided tour from Carina (thanks Carina!) I was really impressed. Not only is this a sweet spot for boxing, but now you can spin, cross train, and kettle bell your day away. I love the set-up Krudar has. By paying a monthly membership, not only are you able to take any class you want, but you have open gym time allowing you to use the studio equipment as you please whenever you please. Although, fees are higher than joining a gym, at Krudar you’re joining a community. And that’s the benefit. It’s worth those extra dollars. And with a $10 intro class deal, why not try a class?

Our beginner class started off with very high intensity for the first part of class (as I anticipated from my last visit). We jumped rope, shadow boxed, ran on the spot, jumped around, kicked the air everything you can imagine, we did. Twice. Or even three times with count downs to 30. The cardio warm up is a work out on its own. But then comes the fun part punching and kicking. Ryan split the class the more advanced students from the beginners and took us – the beginners – to the basement for one-on-one training. Ryan changed things up this time around and the focus was on our kicks (sadly I didn’t get to punch Cecilley. Ha! Sorry Cecilley!). But Cecilley was the lucky lady Ryan demoed on before we all started kicking one another (but not hard, don’t worry). Getting the technique down first is the first step. Then it was my turn and Ryan demoed kicking me in the ribs and showing the proper balance with hitting your target.

After an hour and a half, we called it quits for the night. Another solid experience at Krudar, and another promise to return.

Krudar comes highly recommended! And if you do go, tell them Jill sent you!


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