Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #5


I really can predict how each day is going to be based on the last. Yes, Day 4 was great – both in class and in lecture – but that doesn’t mean a thing.

This morning Ted taught us our morning practice (I think). I honestly can’t remember now what went on this day. Did I have a good class? I think so. I do know as the week went on, I was feeling stronger and more alive in class. I’m going to say Ted taught and it was great.

After class was our first practice teaching session.  This was awful. Well in my head, it was awful. I partnered up with my new friend Jamie from BC and I had to teach her the Moksha sequence. The whole thing. Then she taught me. She is so awesome. I, on the other hand, need to practice and study. Big time.

The afternoon was spent doing more practice teaching. (Honestly it’s like I tried to erase this day from my brain completely because I can’t remember what went on.) I think this hour Deena and Ezmy gave us feedback on habits and things they saw we need to correct as a group. Yeah, that’s probably what happened.

Then we headed to the studio for our afternoon class taught by Jess. And Jess sang to us! And Deena was right there with her. I was a ball of mush on my mat, it was so incredible. This is what I needed after being down and out from practice teaching. I’m so bothered by the fact I do not know the sequence.

After class, I had to thank Jess for the amazing adjustments she gave me in class. She rubbed my feet, massaged my lower back and gently rubbed my shoulders. Our day ended with more teaching methodology where we acted out skits of our best yoga expereience and our worst and talked about studio edict. My group reinacted my Yoga Birthday Challenge because how can you beat your teacher singing happy birthday to you?



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