Marathon Training Day #62: Pump it up

This is ghost cat. He is the enemy.

This is ghost cat. He is the enemy.

After weeks of busy-ness and cancellations, JK and I finally suceeded and completing the one-two punch of squash and BodyPump this morning. It’s been too long.

Things I learned:

1) I am far better at squash when we “power up” and play as hard and fast as we can.

2) If you don’t go to BodyPump for a while, it can be really painful to attempt your usual weights.

Overall, it was a good work-out. It was nice to add variety to my week (it’s been sadly missing for most of February) and to see JK after what feels like years (it was probably weeks.) My legs might not be in the best shape for my long run tomorrow, though.

I think it’s worth it.




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