Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #6

This morning took us all by a bit of a surprise when we arrived to class. Every class seems like a mystery because we never know who will be teaching. This morning was Deena. Deena worked us hard, the way a Deena class does. High intensity with a focus on kicking our butts. It was only a 60 minute class and, for most of us (myself included), that was too long. Thank you, Dina T., for needing (or wanting rather) more time for our afternoon anatomy lecture.

After class we jumped right back into practice teaching where we were broken up into groups of 9. Each person was given a different set of the sequence to teach – I got stuck with part of the floor series. This was not fun. Instructions are hard in the floor series and it doesn’t help I feel completely lost when it comes to instructing it. I was hard on myself today. And very robotic (I have a tendency to half demo poses – this is not a good thing). But I know for day 7 what I have to work on. It’s only day 2 of practice teaching, I need to give myself a break. Ezmy, thanks for the pow wow after class. I needed it!


After an early lunch Dina T. was back to teach us more anatomy. We learned about our joints and our spine. We then talked about the different rotational movements of your joints, the proper terminology for pointing and flexing, and instructions for general body movement while we’re teaching. I love biology! We then did a partner exercise where we had to instruct rotation/flexion/or some other movement in three different poses. My partner was Becky (Hi, Becky!) a trainee from Edmonton.

Dina then taught us for the afternoon class (it was fantastic). And to end our day we had a posture workshop with Ted. If I learned anything this day it’s that Ted really loves savasana! And after an hour of discussion, I completely understand why.



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