Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #7

Finally, week one is done and it’s time to celebrate with our first day off! All I want is a coffee.

After sleeping in and lounging around for the morning, I decided to get my act together and do something with my day. Knowing that Around the Bay is coming up and I have been doing zero prep for the race I wanted to be a good runner and go for a run. My plan to Runyon Canyon Park and do 15-21k, more or less whatever I could stand. The Hollywood Hills was a destination point I wanted to hit, so why not run there? This super hilly and amazing park was just the spot I was looking for to take in some more sights of LA. But it came at a price.  I totally tripped over a rock came tumbling to the ground and scraped my knees! It was like I was 8 years old all over again.


What a klutz. And the worst part (or the best) is that no one saw me. Here was the perfect moment to have a dashing LA hero come to my rescue. (It didn’t happen.) Instead I came running home to Jackie and Morgan to make me feel better. Oh well. I have another 3 weeks to go. I will find prince charming somewhere in the land of stars, I just know it.

But, on a good note, Runyon Canyon is as beautiful as they say. The view after climbing a bunch of twisty and steep stairs to the top of the mountain was incredible. To see the whole city and the snow cover mountains from no spot took my breath away. No wonder I fell down, I couldn’t stop looking around. There is so much to see! I even took a bunch of pictures, but for some reason none of them saved on my phone. Today was not my day. Thankfully Jackie treated me to dinner this night to make me feel better.

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