Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #8

Ah, my knee! That fall on my run left a bruise. Not fun.

Our morning class was taught by Emily. It was an okay class. I wasn’t feeling my yoga best, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Emily really tried it get us ready for the week ahead by brining us back into our bodies and out of our heads.

After class was another morning of practice teaching. This day was much better than before. Although I instructed eagle and prayer twist in the wrong order! Oh the joys of being a newbie. Afterward Deena R. came up the the brilliant (but really not that brilliant) plan of playing Yogi Idol. I was petrified. This version of Yogi Idol met getting up in front of everyone and instructing a pose to four students when your name was called randomly. I was shaking in my boots. Why? ┬áSurely with my name called at random and having a random pose thrown in my face, I was doomed. I made it through the morning not being selected and lucky the afternoon as well. Man, I’m such a worrier.


I felt the afternoon could have been better spent, considering we’re going to be instructing the afternoon classes pretty soon. I can really use the practice right now.

By the afternoon all my worries had washed away because we had class with Dina T. It was awesome (as expected) minus the bum knee.

To finish off the day we had anatomy with Dina. This was the fastest 3 hour lecture of my life. We learned about bones, bones, and more bones! All the bones in our feet and hands, and our spine, I can now pretend I know them all. Then we touched each others bones and played with our nervous system by placing our hands on our partners sacrum and cerebral cortex at the base of the skull. Then as we massaged one another’s bones and I was out like a light.


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