Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #9

Happy Birthday, Dad! Day 9 fell on February 24th, and this day happens to be my Dad’s birthday. More importantly, it is exactly one week until my own! (Just kidding.)

Today’s morning class was taught by Jackie! This was a super great class and it was so nice to practice with her again. It’s been so long! I needed a good Jackie… Moksha? Ummm I think that was a first for me come to think of it. I don’t think I ever have taken a Moksha class with Jackie before. There is a first time for everything.

After class was hands on adjustments for the morning and after lunch. Deena R. and Emily walked us through the adjustments we can conduct for the floor series then we practiced them out on each other in pairs. Talk about information overload!

Soon we'll be teaching the clases! Everyone, panic!

Soon we’ll be teaching the classes! Everyone, panic!

Our afternoon asana was taught by Bryde. The room was hot and both my mind and body were really tired. Bryde sensed this, because I was not the only one tired in class. She brought the closing postures to the floor (thanks, Bryde!) and then we rested in savasana.  A good 15 minutes later I finally dragged my sweaty self out of the room.

Our evening lecture was with Dina T. This brightened all our spirits. We talked about muscles the lumbar spine and touched each others psoas muscles.

I’m aways learning something new from Dina T.



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