Marathon Training Day #67: Run club

I had an 8k “tempo” run on my schedule, so my coach suggested I join her Thursday night run club at lululemon. Run there, run with them run home = about 8k.

You know what happens when you run with other people?

You run really fast.

This was by far my fastest, most aggressive run I’ve done this cycle. But, unlike the speedwork I did the day before, it felt good.

The group was small — four of us, including me and my coach — which I was told was fairly normal for the winter. In the summer they can get up to 15.

It felt good to challenge myself. I didn’t talk too much, but being aware of others makes your runs a lot different.

I need to do this again. It’ll make me a better runner a lot quicker.



The run: 7.8k in 43:57
The route:

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5 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #67: Run club

  1. Jenn @ Running and Lifting says:

    Definitely sounds like I should get myself to a group run sooner rather than later. I’m sure it’s great motivation to try to keep up with faster runners, or go a bit faster than usual. Was the pace decided before the run started? Everyone was happy to go at the same speed?

    • Erin says:

      Do it! I highly recommend it. Most of them are free — including Energia, which is near you! I’m not a chatty person when I run with strangers, but it certain helps to have the extra push!

    • Erin says:

      Because the group was so small, the pace was decided on the fly. Andie, the run leader, set it based on who arrived that day. While running, we paired off — me and Andie and the other two. Andie and I never got so far ahead that the others were left behind (they were never that far behind to begin with). In bigger groups, Andie said they break off by pace and everyone is told the route in advance. And that’s what we do for my more casual running group — breaks happen naturally, but as long as the faster people are willing to let the slower ones catch up at any complicated twists and turns, it all works out.

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