Marathon Training Day #69: Running, brunching, seeding and yogaing

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Yesterday might have been a perfect day.

It was cold, but not too cold, and the sun was out. Eight people showed up for my monthly pubruns group — the most ever, I think! In an attempt to continue to run in new parts of the city, we met at St. Clair station (I discovered a new easy-to-do bike route south to north. I feel so dumb for not knowing about it until yesterday, but so glad I can use it now!) and ran through the neighbourhood, up through Mount Pleasant Cemetary and back to Yonge and St. Clair.

Then we brunched. This was unremarkable, but it’s always great to eat good food after a great run. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Then I went to Seed Saturday at the Evergreen Brick Works with JK and Steph. I got lots of seeds! My garden WILL suceed this year. If I can train for a marathon, I can grow some damn vegetables. It failed last year, but I have hope for 2013.

Then I went to yin yoga at Moksha Danforth. I almost didn’t, but JK convinced me it was worth it. And she’s right — yoga is always worth it. My hip flexors are TIGHT. I couldn’t even do adjusted pigeon. I had to get a modification for the modification. The things running can do to your body…

Then I got groceries (and ogled the Big Carrot’s bulk section) and wine, and went home and read several New Yorker articles.

A pretty good pre-spring day.



The run: 6k in 38:17
The route:

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