Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #10

Holy crap! I have to teach a group of 30 people on day 11! Ahhhhh! Did you ever wake up knowing something was going to happen, but secretly hoped that it wouldn’t? Well this happened to me on Day 10. It was posted on our four day calendar that February 26th would be the first day of us teaching the daily asanas. I was selected to teach round one on the first day. I will have a full report on this on day 11. Because right now I need to practice. Ted told me today teaching first is the best. We’ll see how right he is tomorrow afternoon.


Today was my worst day of the training by far.  Not even Ezmy could get me out of my head in class today. I was not me at all. The 90 minute class was not fun and the whole group energy was drained. People were cranky, grumpy, and tired. Including me.

Thankfully, Ted was back to teach us another posture workshop which improved my mood drastically. After lunch was anatomy with Dina T. then two full hours of blocks and straps! The day kept getting better and better. But my energy level was not. I was dozing off in anatomy. We had our blocks and straps lecture at the studio (in the hot room) and Jackie was there to assist Dina T. Then Jackie taught us! And throughout the class, we used blocks in the most random, but awesome places. Ever try tree pose standing on a block? I needed Jackie to calm me down. Thank goodness a day to sleep will follow (thanks Bryde!). I think the whole group can use the rest.

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