Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #11

Yay! Today was a sleep-in day! This was much need relax time. I wanted to rest up and prepare for my afternoon practice teaching!

My emotions were running high, I was dreading a lot of things, and my anxiety was through the roof. This day could not end soon enough. With practice teaching in the morning and the afternoon, I was pacing and terrified that Yogi Idol would come back to haunt me. Luckily, we avoided another round of Yogi Idol (hooray!) and instead we practiced taught. We broke into groups of 6 and went through the entire 90 minute sequence together where each person taught a different section. I took on the first part which is pranayama (breathing) all the way to runners’ lunge. This just so happened to be the section of class I was teaching that afternoon. Then after we taught, I was wrong: Yogi Idol did come out to haunt me. But thankfully I was not picked (whew!) and it was only a short game.

After lunch and a mini run-though of teaching we played a much funner game: Hot Potato Moksha Yoga style. We sat in a big circle and tossed a marker around and when you caught it you had to name the next pose in the sequence. It’s much harder than it sounds. Then we played Moksha Yoga Family Feud. So practice teaching wasn’t that terrible.

Today was Bryde’s birthday! (Happy Birthday, Bryde!) We had a giant cake! Afterward, the clock struck 2:30pm and I honestly can’t tell you what happened once I walked into the lecture space room — I didn’t teach in the hot room, that’ll be for next time — other than me screwing up the beginning and almost jumping into tree pose before pranayama, which really isn’t the end of the world. Other than that I was told it went really well. Deena R. gave my group feedback and now I have things in mind to work on for next time. Apparently, I said’s “let’s” a lot. Eeeww.

I told you the cake was GIANT!

I told you the cake was GIANT!

After class, we had anatomy with Dina T. Like I said before Dina T. has the ability to make any bad bad turn around in an instant. We did a partner exercise where we asked our partner personal questions. It was interesting and we saw a deep side of Dina T. I did not expect. But trauma (either physical or emotional) has the ability to impact our bodies. Becky, my anatomy partner, and I have been feeling each other’s bones and muscles for the past two weeks. Now it was time to get a deeper explanation to what we discovered. It was quite surprising and informative. Because, as a yoga teacher, you can’t make judgements of a body just by looking at it. There could be more to the story that we can’t see.

All in all today was much better than I had anticipated. A much better day indeed.


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