Marathon Training Day #71: Halfway there

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It’s week 10 of training. I am halfway through my program. I should be proud, but I’m too exhausted.

Here’s what’s on deck this week:

Monday: Rest. I know Mondays aren’t official rest days, but it is glorious to not have to do anything the day after my long runs.
Tuesday:10km medium paced
Wednesday: Speedwork, 8 x 400m repeats with 60-90sec rest in between. Goal splits: 1:42-1:47
Thursday: REST (I have tickets to the ballet, hurrah!)
Friday: 60min hilly route (I need to amp up these hills stat. Around the Bay is two weeks away!)
Saturday: Optional easy 45min run (I will probably do squash and bodypump instead.)
Sunday: 20km (This seems blissfully short!)

I have a busy week of work ahead and Daylight Savings Time is messing with my head, so I’m nervous about training this week. But all I can do is do my best, right?



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