Marathon Training Day #73: Earth, wind and fire

Okay, there wasn’t fire.

But there was definitely earth and wind.

After bailing on my Tuesday run because of the weather, I was thrown a different kind of challenge Wednesday night: wind. And lots of it. The wind was strong and pushed me forwards and backwards. It also lifted the gravel and dirt from the road and blew that in my face.

It wasn’t fun.

My coach said I should do this run at a “medium” pace, so I pushed myself. Not so I was dying, but I was running fast enough that I was uncomfortable. It paid off, this was the second run in as many weeks where my pace was under 6 minutes.

Work this week is especially challenging, and I’m feeling physically and emotionally spent. I’m dreading speedwork on Thursday.

And I think I’m getting sick.

But it’s not supposed to be easy, right?



The run: 9.7k in 55:06
The route:


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