Marathon Training Day #77: Back on track

After three days of doing nothing but feeling terrible, I was dreading today. Even though 20k is the shortest long run I have on my schedule for a long time, I wasn’t sure if I could do it. But I knew I needed to — Around the Bay is a week away! — so I headed out and promised myself that if it was too much, I could always head home early.

It was a beautiful day for a run and my legs felt okay. It was my back and head that weren’t 100%. But I didn’t push myself, even though I really wanted a sub-2:30 time. (Spoiler: it didn’t happen.) My route took my down the Don Valley to Cherry Beach, then out-and-back along Leslie Spit and home. I’m having fueling problems lately too (everything makes me nauseous) so I didn’t bring anything with me. This may not be the smartest move, but if my options are feeling crappy and weak or feeling crappy and wanting to puke, I’m going with the former.

I finished in 2:45:45, simply relieved that I had enough strength to get home.

After the run, I made Matt go for a walk with me. I wanted to enjoy the day. I also knew that if I wanted my body to return to normal at all, I needed to do normal things. Including yoga. It’s been too long (a familiar refrain on TFG, I know). My options where biking to Kula for a 7pm class, biking to Moksha for a 6pm class or walking to Energy Exchange for a 5pm class.

Despite living less than 5 minutes from Energy Exchange, I haven’t been much. I HATED their old flash website. HATED it. Combine that with passes at four studios already (Moksha Danforth, Moksha Downtown, Kula and Yoga Tree), it seemed silly to add another plastic pass to my key chain. But I felt totally overwhelmed by biking anywhere at this point, so Energy Exchange won.

And it was great. I felt stiff and achy the entire class, so I didn’t push myself. I focused on breathing and stretching. And 75 minutes later, when we got to lie on our mats, I felt better than I’ve felt in weeks. (Lesson learned: Go to yoga.) I’m not 100% yet, but I’m getting there.

Maybe even in time for Around the Bay.



The run: 20.4k in 2:45:45
The route:

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