Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #12

Awww, it feels so good to have practice teaching all over with! Yesterday was our last practice teaching session ever. Wait a minute. Does that mean I’m now supposed to be ready to teach on my own?! This means no more Ezmy?? This isn’t great at all. Other than not having the feeling of my heart leaping out of my throat at the thought of what Deena R. was going to make us do next, this was great.

I’m not ready for this.

Our morning class was taught by my fellow trainees. I was in the lecture space – being in a non heated room felt really, really weird. My body is on a timely schedule to sweat. But it was super cool listening to my new friends teach and it was really cool to follow their instructions. This whole teaching thing is really happening right before my eyes!

Trainees getting ready for class! Note this is not the Moksha LA studio.

Trainees getting ready for class! Note this is not the Moksha LA studio.

This morning we were introduced to our next speaker of Moksha International Teacher Training visitors, Frank Jude Boccio. Frank and his family were visiting us from Tucson, Arizona where Frank is a Dharma teacher. He is an amazing teacher of Mindfulness and an ordained Zen Buddhist teacher. Frank was speaking to us all week long on his practice of Mindfulness and today he introduced the story of the Budda and integrated this into his introduction of what Mindful Yoga is exactly.

After lunch was the first round of presentations — ahhh presentations! — but everyone was great! Tears were poured, laughs were had. It was lovely watching and listening to everyone who presented. This round of trainees set the bar very high for the rest of us.

Following presentations we headed to the studio for class where Ted taught and Dina T. gave hands-on adjustments. This was an excellent class, but since Frank went a little over his scheduled time our class was cut short. So no powerful pose or prayer twist! Yay! Uh, I mean…how disappointing.

Afterward, Ted lectured on another posture workshop to end our day. As much as I love our posture workshops it was a go-home-straight-to-bed kind of night. I was tired and the day felt long. But the half way point is in sight!


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