Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #14

Friday was day 14 and that means it was our second day off!

Jackie, Morgan, Krista, Mere, and I (hi, Jackie, Morgan, Krista, and Mere!) – I was staying in a Full House. No joke! – all drove to Santa Monica to take Bryan Kest’s power yoga class. I know, you’d think having a day off from yoga that going to yoga would be the last thing I’d want to do. But when you’re living (temporarily) in a city full of amazing and ¬†well known yogis, you need to take their classes when the opportunity rises.

We arrived in Santa Monica, with the sun shining and the smell of the ocean in the distance. This moment reminded me of Cecilley (Cecilley, I miss you!). The studio was tucked away in a beautiful space on the second floor of a rather old looking building. But the space had character. Right away I was pumped to be there and even more excited I was not doing Moksha! Sorry, Mokshis. But after class I ate my words. Power flow doesn’t justify what Bryan had us doing. We focused on our own body weight and held challenging plank poses, lunges. Upper body strength, here I come.

Although Bryan’s instructions were intense, there was a softness to his tone. I’m going to hurt tomorrow. I love Bryan’s humour. Being able to laugh at yourself while doing yoga is a powerful tool to keep in your toolbox. Don’t take it (or yourself) too seriously. Bryan makes this easy and I can see why students have been taking is class for 15+ years!

Look at me! I'm such a yogi. Here I am in Bryan's studio!

Look at me! I’m such a yogi. Here I am in Bryan’s studio!

After class we all went to a favourite lunch spot of Morgans, Tender Greens where we ate lunch and drank all the lemonade we could bargain for. Then it was beach time! After several hours of soaking in the sun, we walked the streets and made our way to Real Food Daily for dinner. Delicious! Apparently the West Hollywood location is a good celebrity sighting spot. Thanks for the tip, Ted!

What a great day, but I am exhausted. 6:30am practice is going to come way to soon. That’s two days off down only one left to go. That is, if I make it to next Friday…

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