Marathon Training Day #83 & #84: I ran around a bay

I didn’t take my laptop with me to Hamilton, hence the lack of updates! A proper race recap is coming shortly, but here’s the training rundown…

Day 83: I had a “shake out” run on my schedule, but in the end, I opted out of this. I was getting nervous about being ready for ATB. And on Saturday, I did a lot of walking. I walked from my house to Union station to take the train to the race expo. Then I walked from the Go Station in Hamilton to Copps and back again. That was enough of a “shake out”, don’t you think?

At the expo, I made a last minute decision to buy a fuel belt. I had one when I first started running (it held one large bottle) and I hated it so much, I had to abandon it mid-run. But with my long runs getting longer, I find myself more and more on the hunt for gas stations or Starbucks for a water refuel. Not good. I also liked the idea of being able to drink water whenever (especially after last year’s Goodlife half, when the water stations ran out). I figured it if was awful, I could put it aside on the race course and someone would pick it up and put it to good use.

After the expo, we took the train to Oakville, where Matt picked us up. The plan was to spend the night at his parents’ house — anything to get closer to the starting line! — and borrow their car to drive to Hamilton in the morning. We got some groceries, made some ¬†power pasta (carbo loading!) and watched March Madness (there are so many GOOD games, this year!!!) until it was time to sleep.

And by sleep, I mean stress all night long.

Day 84: Race day! It went better than expected…for both of us! (Yup, Jill ran the race too on very little training and crushed it. I won’t reveal too much, because she has her own recap to write, but let’s just say doing Moksha yoga twice a day for a month isn’t the worst training plan.) The weather was great, the race shirt was hot pink, there was a TRAIN (I’m sure this upset other runners, but I found it hilarious) and I ended up with a 22 minute PR. Not bad for a Sunday…


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