Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #15

Week three has officially begun. With all the warning signs flashing – the tiredness, the cranky yogis, the droopy eyes during lectures – this week is going to be a hard one no doubt. I woke up not so early, as always after a relaxing day off, and made my way to the studio for my first morning asana taught by my fellow trainees. In the hot room! Oh boy!

Everyone is doing such a great job. It’s amazing to me the progress everyone is making and the quality of everyone’s instruction. I’m doing yoga with real soon-to-be teachers. And it’s awesome! This morning Joe (one of the Moksha LA teachers) lead a silent meditation proir to class. I love meditating and quickly realized I don’t do it often enough. Rule number one of post-teacher training: implement a daily meditation practice.

Joe definitely has a way with words because I was very keen about more meditations. ¬†After this particular morning I was out of my head completely and loving life afterward. What a great start to the week ahead. To finish off the morning just right, it was my week for Karma cleaning. We good little trainees were assigned to clean the practice room and change rooms (in groups of 4) as a nice gesture to our hosting studio out. It’s good Karma to help out, and it’s being a good guest when you do.

After practice and cleaning the ladies locker room until it was spotless (this was my job for the week) Frank gave another mind blowing talk on mindfulness, yoga, and everything and anything else you could think of that could toy with your mind that much more.

More presentations followed our lunch hour, where agin, everyone did so great!

My second LA home, the studio!

My second LA home, the studio!

Our afternoon class came all too quickly and just like that we were back at the studio practicing once again. Ted guided us though another 60 minute asana. Weirdly, I felt tired going in, but really strong during class. It was a good one.

Even more presentations followed class and we finished off the day early. Yay to finishing early! This doesn’t happen often so one must celebrate.

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