Marathon Training Day #86: Aches and pains

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Tuesday. Supposedly I can run this day.

I don’t. Instead I go to yoga. I think this is the right move. My legs are tiiiight from running Around the Bay. My right shoulder is aching (it started during the race. It’s probably race related.) I’m just tired. I need to rejuvenate. So to yoga I go.

(Coincidentally — or not — my monthly book column is about books on rejuvenation. It’ll air this weekend. While I feel I hit the mark with good reads, they might not be “feel good” reads. Oh well. I ran 30k on Sunday. This means I get a free pass on book recos, right?)

Yoga is good. I stretch. I skip vinyasa flows. I use blocks. I feel like a beginner. Then I remember: yoga is about accepting where your body is now.

And my body is only two days out from running a 30k race.

So I stretch. And breathe. And accept.


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