Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #16

Happy Birthday to Me!!! Yes, everyone day 16 (March 3rd) is my birthday and celebrating turing 27 was more than I could have hoped for. I was in LA with sunshine, my yoga teachers, and fellow trainees. It was absolutely perfect.

My birthday morning kicked off with a visiting Peer Support Guide mentor, Diane Karlos from Moksha Bloor West – she was one intense lady. But I mean this in the best possible way. I’ve never had a yoga teacher like Diane before, and I don’t think anyone else has either. When Diane walked into the room right away the energy lifted. Having the kick-some-ass approach to yoga, made me remember that yoga isn’t easy. At least it’s not if you don’t want it to be. But it can always be fun. And that is what I enjoyed the most about Diana’s teaching: there was tough love and sweat!

After our hour asana we had a morning lecture with Frank. Frank touched on mindfulness in the body and sensory reactions to feelings and how feelings of pleasure or unpleasure stir our beliefs. Say whaaat?!! I know it was confusing to me too.

It was a long birthday morning and the week 3 wall is starting to hit us all one by one. You can see it all around. At the end of lecture Frank lead a 20 minute meditation. The time flew by. Meditation is a powerful thing.

After lunch Ted finished off the last hour of our posture workshops. I really did not want these to end! Ted’s gentleness and open heart towards everyone and their unerring questions was such a treat to listen to. And his stories. I miss Ted and his stories! But, lucky for me – it was my birthday and all – our posture workshops ended with the entire group singing Happy Birthday to me! And I really have my friend Jen Allen (Hi, Jen!) to thank. My new pal from Moksha Yoga Charlottetown bought me a birthday balloon which I happened to carry around with me all day. Ted happened to spot this from the crowd.

That's Jen to my right! And Jamie and Dan.

That’s Jen to my right! And Jamie and Dan.

Our afternoon asana was lead by my fellow trainees (another job well done by everyone!). And to end my birthday we had more presentations. But to end things off one an even better note the group sang happy birthday to me again, I was given a mini raspberry tart with a candle and everyone got cookies! Yay for birthdays! And let’s not forget the mini birthday striptease, shout out, and hat thrown to me from another trainee buddy Matt (hi, Matt). Remember back to day 5 when we acted out our favourite and least favourite class ever? Well, Matt played the role of Peter Ward, and lets just say we upped the anti. Big time. Thanks, Matt.

And! To make the night even more special Krista, Mere, and Morgan bought me dinner and a birthday cake!

Birthdays are the best!

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