Marathon Training Days #90-#92: Out of commission

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So, after my last post, I got (even more) sick. Really, really sick. I have been that sick exactly twice before: when I was five and had the chicken pox and when I was 18 and caught a horrid flu and spent a week in my university dorm room whimpering.

It was a gorgeous long weekend, and I spent it sleeping, watching terrible television and NCAA basketball (and after watching Kevin Ware’s leg SNAP IN HALF on national television, I shouldn’t be complaining about a sinus infection!). But it happens. People get sick. And when you get sick, you need to do what you can to get better. So I did.

I still don’t feel 100%. (I went from having a sinus infection that made me feel as though I was living underwater to feeling like I have a normal head cold), but I feel ready to go outside. To be normal. And with that in mind, Andie gave me an updated plan for the week. I have four runs I need to try, with the long run being the most important:

1. 6km easy
2. 8km moderate pace
3. 45min hilly route
4. 25km LSD run

I plan to attempt the 6k today. I may fail. But I have to try. I want to get back to normal.

I am headed to New Orleans tomorrow with my mom and sisters to watch the women’s final four. I have every intention of keeping up a normal running routine while there. I also want to go to at least one yoga class. Anyone been to NOLA before? Any suggestions?!

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