Marathon Training Day #96: (More) running on the river

The Mississippi River.

The Mississippi River.

I technically had a 45 minute hilly route on my schedule, but since 1) I ran a hilly route at home on Wednesday, 2) I had no idea where hills were here and 3) we walked a ton yesterday and I was tired, Jill and I decided to repeat yesterday’s running adventure, minus the detour up and back along Canal Street instead. Sorry, Andie!

It was quick and cold. We took it easy because we had another big walking day ahead of us (and I had spent the morning coughing up a storm — ugh). We headed out about a half hour later than yesterday and that made all the difference: the number of tourists on the street was about double. But we did get a high five from a runner going the other way on Royal, which pumped us up for the rest of the run.

Today we are going to see some fancy houses. I hope it warms up soon.



The run: 5.1k in 31:46
The route:

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