Marathon Training Day #97: Time to play basketball

Well, not us. The girls in the Final Four. While we’ve talked about yoga a bunch, we haven’t found a studio nearby that works with our schedule. Yet. So Saturday became a “rest” day (although with all the walking we’ve been doing, there hasn’t been much resting going on!).

On Saturday, all the teams have open practices that fans can come and watch, so we went and did that. These girls are tall and athletic and made us feel inadequate as people. And we watched the fans, wearing their shirts and doing their cheers and it — again — struck me at how weird and fascinating American college sports fandom is.

Then we watched hundreds of little kids dribble basketballs around the Superdome. It was adorable.

On Sunday, Jill and I are going to run long. Mom and Anne are going to be tourists by themselves. I’m nervous about both these things.

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