Marathon Training Day #100: 33 points

33 points. That’s how much UConn beat Louisville by. It was ugly. I was disappointed. I wanted the Schimmel sisters to put on a show and give UConn a run for their money, like they did with Tennessee and Baylor. It didn’t happen.

It was our final day in New Orleans before heading home. We went through the French Quarter again, this time, taking our time and popping into shops. We took the ferry. We ate beignets. We drank cocktails in the Sheraton lobby and watched Louisville fans get ready for the big game. We eventually made it all the way to the Arena (a 5k stroll!) and waited for the game to begin.

The Final Four was a ton of fun. But someone is going to need to figure out how to stop Auriemma.

Please, someone. Figure it out.



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