Marathon Training Day #105: 32k


This is Leslie Spit in the spring. It did not look like this on the weekend.

This is Leslie Spit in the spring. It did not look like this on the weekend.

After sleeping the day away on Saturday, I woke up on Sunday ready to tackle the 32k I had on my schedule. I was determined to get it all in, especially since I cut my long run in New Orleans short. My friend Kendal is running the Bluenose half and had 17k on her schedule so we decided that I would run to her house, we’d run 17k together and then I’d run home.

Because I missed my hill run. I decided to run up the Don Valley and tackle Pottery Road Hill — yikes! Once that was complete, I headed to Kendal’s, feeling strong.

Our pal Kate joined us too, and the first 5 or so km with them went fine. But then, I started fading. I couldn’t sustain the pace we were keeping much longer (although I’d like to believe if I only had 17k on my schedule, I could have kept up) and Kendal and Kate creeped ahead of me. Nothing wrong with that — I was just glad Kate was along and could keep Kendal company.

After we completed Leslie Spit, we parted ways. It got cold and I got tired. The run was a challenge from here until home. Such a challenge that I had to stop at Cherry Beach, buy some water, and rest for five minutes. But I made it home in one (painful) piece.

Considering how much harder this run was, mentally and physically, than Around the Bay, I’m looking forward to getting a few more 30+k runs in to boost my confidence. I don’t want to fall apart like I did here with 7k left, knowing it’s actually 17k left. That would be brutal.



The run: 32.1k in 3:52:34
The route:

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