Marathon Training Day #107: Sweat and tears

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I went to lunch time yoga today in the first time in FOREVER and spent the entire 50 minutes being grateful for normalcy and for my body’s ability to do, for the most part, what I need it to do. Then, in the afternoon, I heard from my coach (she’s back from Boston and is okay). And in the evening, I laced up my shoes and did what she told me to do this week. I’m a month away from becoming a marathoner.

Today I had to do 10k. I still felt guilty about missing my hilly run last week so I picked a route that took me up Pottery Road hill for the second time in as many runs.┬áIt was a perfect evening to run: sunny, calm and cool. I appreciated every step. (I also think I saw my friend Kendal on her bike. If that indeed was you — Hi Kendal!)

After my sinus infection messed up my training, I am finally back on track. Here’s what I need to do this week:

Monday: Rest (done.)
Tuesday: lunchtime yoga; easy 10k (done)
Wednesday: potential lunchtime yoga (have evening plans)
Thursday: 2km warm-up, 3x1km repeats with a 90 sec rest in between, 2km cool-down
Friday: 60 minute hilly route, yoga
Saturday: more yoga
Sunday: EVEN MORE YOGA, 32km long run

In case you didn’t notice all the yoga — JK and I are going on a weekend yoga retreat from Friday to Sunday. The timing seems ridiculous, seeing as I haven’t even unpacked from New Orleans (I’m terrible at this sort of thing. I should have one outfit and wear it every day until it’s dirty, wash it and repeat.), but it’ll be a good test to see whether I enjoy retreats at much as Jill or if all the touchy, feely, stretchy good times are too much for me. I will report back here, I promise.



The run: 10.2k in 1:12:01
The route:

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