Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #18

Whoo hoo! After an epic birthday at training followed by another all round good day we were given another morning of rest. That’s right we could actually sleep in for more than a half an hour! This is often a very good thing, but when you’re fellow trainees walk out of the studio after have taken the morning 7:30am class (we did not have to do yoga this morning people!) you can’t help but feel really lazy. And I mean really lazy. And knowing that Ezmy was back, after leaving us for a solid week. She did have a very legitimate reason. Ezmy’s an Ambassador with Lululemon and she left for Hawaii with Lulu for something very, very important I imagine.

Anyway, Ezmy was back and was teaching this morning. And I didn’t go to her class. Now I feel bad. And I mean really bad. Why didn’t I get my butt out of bed for Ezmy? At least Ezmy saw me walking past the studio and came running out to give me a big birthday hug! Awww Ezmy you’re so great.

I quickly got over my sadness for not practicing when it can time to settle in an listen to Frank. Our morning and afternoon was spent with Frank as it was his last day with us. So we squeezed in all the time we could before he left. One of our required readings for the training, among many other excellent yoga books out there, was Frank’s Mindfulness Yoga. I highly recommend picking this up if your brave enough to even take a sample of this exploration beyond the yoga on your mat. Once our time with Frank was over I realized I had a world wind of questions to ask, but honestly didn’t know where to begin. At all. I’m still not certain I understood anything. But I trust my teachers and trust that I will on day understand. For now I’m re-re-reaing this book. I probably will continue to do so until the end of time.

Here is a reminder from Week 2: Be Accessible of the Living Your Moksha Challenge last spring. This video may shed some light on the power of Mindfulness.


After a heartfelt goodbye and farewell to Frank, we split up to attend our afternoon asana which was taught by more trainees. To end off the day we close with more history of yoga and the Hatha yoga Pradipika with YuMee. If you don’t know what this means don’t worry about it. Nor did I… nor do I, I think. It was a mind numbing – information overload kind of day to say the least.

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