Marathon Training Day #109: Speedwork

I didn’t take my computer with me this weekend, so I’m a few days behind! I’ll catch up soon!

On Thursday night, it was time for speedwork. I had to do:

2k warm-up

3x1k repeats at a 5:15-5:25 pace

2k cool-down

Because I don’t have a Garmin, I had to map this route out carefully. So I did: I’d run to Jones, do the speedwork up to Gerrard and around and down to Coxwell and Queen, then cool-down to the library, where I had FIVE books waiting for me (bad holds management!).

I was tired on this run and found the speedwork to be difficult. Running is funny: I can run 5 minute kms when I head out in run group, but when I run alone, anything under sub-6 is brutal. I got it done, was thankful for the traffic lights along the route and worried that I’m not ready for the marathon.

I’m almost there. Only a handful of speed workouts left…



The run: 7.7k in 43:50
The route:

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