Moksha Yoga Teacher Training Day #20

After 20 days of training you’d think everyone would know what’s going on! We get up, we eat, we do yoga, we eat, we listen to a lecture, we eat, we listen to another lecture, we eat…but no! You need to be on your game at all times. That is, I learned very quickly, when Jeremie is around.

Our morning asana was a total trick. As the end of training draws near, I kept thinking who has yet to teach a class? Jeremie! I’ve been very curious what king of yoga teacher Jeremie would be like. Today I thought my prayers have been answered. Because this morning, Jeremie walked into the room and began class. Excellent.

But is not what happened. Jeremie had us all fooled. He (and I bet Bryde was in on it too) tagged-teamed Nava (hi, Nava!) in after instructing pranayama breathing. We were teaching the class! Each person would teach two poses then would tag in someone in to teach the next two. It was fun and also very distracting. It’s really hard to practice when you’re constantly thinking “What the hell comes next?!”

I know your tricks now, Jeremie. With Asana TBD on the schedule and your comment about this being the best class of the training. But not because of you but because of us. I’m on to you now. But with 10 days left what could possibly be in store?

But there was good news that came of this heart pounding morning. Apparently my presentation did go really well the day before because Jeremie gave me a shout out at the beginning of class. Thank you, Jeremie! All is forgiven.

After a stressful morning it's time to relax!

After a stressful morning it’s time to relax!

After class YuMee continued with more yoga history and philosophy, and again in the afternoon. We talked about the yoga sutras this time and dove into what each one represents and symbolizes in the body and in our practice. Our afternoon class was with Ezmy again! Ezmy’s partner James played the gutiar and sang during class. Talk about a magical combination. It was the most beautiful yin/yang class ever. And Ezmy kicked our butts.

Then the last part of the day was filled presentations followed by a reunion dinner with my LA Costa Rica friends and a day off on Friday. Yay! With a day of I had to go out and celebrate.

Awww Costa Rica. Very found memories of this place and these people!

Awww Costa Rica. Very fond memories of this place and these people!

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