Marathon Day #114: A book and a bottle of wine

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I could barely walk after my 32k slog, so Tuesday was obviously a rest day. Andie emailed me my plan for the week, which may need to be altered, seeing as I ran 32k on Monday instead of Sunday.

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday: Insane long run (aka the 32k I didn’t do on Sunday)
Tuesday: Rest!
Wednesday: 8k (although I’m writing this on Wednesday night and it is pouring and I still can’t walk, so the chance of this happening are approximately ZERO PERCENT)
Thursday: 4k easy followed by a speedy run with the lulu run group, maybe some yoga in the morning or at lunch
Friday: 30 minute hilly run (which I will make longer thanks to my guilt about the 8k run I will miss), again a possibility of yoga
Saturday: Yoga?
Sunday: 35km LSD

That’s right. 35km. And to think, on marathon day, I will still have 7.2 more to go.

People who run marathons are crazy.


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