Marathon Training Days #115 & #116: yoga for runners

Exchanging energy!

Exchanging energy! (Same studio, different class.)

Wednesday doesn’t get it’s own day because, as predicted, I did not run.


On Thursday, I went to Yoga for Runners at Energy Exchange in the morning. This studio is 5 minutes from my house and, being a runner, was intrigued by what would be different about “yoga for runners.”

There’s not a lot of difference. But I liked the class a lot and will be back. Maybe even next Thursday morning.

After work, I was supposed to do 4k easy, followed by 4k at 5:15 pace. Since run club is usually a speedy 5-6k, I thought I’d do a warm-up run there, do the run club run as fast as I could, then do a warm-up run home.

Andie had different plans.

The run planned was a bit longer than usual — closer to 7k. My plan was to try to get 4k in at the desired speed and so the rest at an “easier” pace. I think I accomplished this, but I felt beat by the end.

The end. It’s so close. I can feel it. At run club, everyone was asking me if I was nervous or excited. Right now, I’m neither. I just want it done. I’m sure that will change between now and the 19th, but right now, all I can think about is how much free time I am going to have and how many other fitness things I can do (I’m thinking about joining the work softball team! And doing a triathlon!)

It’s sooner than I think.



The run: 8.1k in 47:58
The route:

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