Marathon Training Day #118: Taper time

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Work on Monday was rough. This was partly because I couldn’t walk (thanks, 36k!) and partly because it was a rough day at work. But the worst is behind me. My training plan now will get gradually easier and I will coast into this marathon.

Here’s what Andie has in store for me this week:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 12km easy
Wednesday: 8k at 10k race pace (lets aim for under 5:30 / km)
Thursday: 45min hilly route/yoga for runners
Friday: Rest/maybe yoga
Saturday: 25km LSD with the last 5k at race pace (6:15min /km)
Sunday: Rest/maybe yoga

I plan to go to yoga for runners again this week. It’s so close! If I can squeeze in one more yoga class this week (maybe power on Friday?), I’ll be a happy runner.

You’ll notice my long run in on Saturday. I made this switch so I could cheer on the Goodlife runners without worrying about running 25k after. You will also notice Andie has given me pace goals — yikes! My slow runs have definitely been on the slow side. I guess this is my chance to amp this up.

Three more weeks of training. Two more long runs left. It’s been a long journey.



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