Marathon Day #120: Belting the Belt Line

More garden shots. It's slowly coming together. Kind of like my running.

More garden shots. It’s slowly coming together. Kind of like my running.

Tonight was another hard, overwhelming run. I knew I couldn’t do 5:30s on my own, so I asked my pals Kate and Kendal to come running with me. We decided to do the Belt Line from Broadview and back because it was easily accessible for all three of us. We took off speedy, as planned. But when we got into the trail, I was losing it. I slowed down and Kate and Kendal sped ahead and I felt completely slow and sore and overwhelmed. Things were not good. They waited for me at the top of the ravine, the halfway point and I vented a little. Okay, I vented a lot. Then we headed home.

And I ran, hard. I wanted this run done, and it was a bit downhill. All I could focus on was finishing. We walked up the monster of a hill at the top of the trail, caught our breath, and then ran hard again.

I’m still sick of running. But thanks to that strong ending, I feel less overwhelmed than I did at the 3k mark. Funny how running works that way.

A million thank-yous to Kate and Kendal for coming with me. I never could have ran a real tempo without them.



The run: 8.5k in 47:05
The route:

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