Marathon Training Day #123: Super Saturday

C'mon, birds!!!!

C’mon, birds!!!!

Saturday ended up being a busy day, filled with errands and responsibilities. I went to a work event all morning. Then I stopped by Matt’s brother’s (hi Tim!) new Toronto apartment to “help” him move. Then I went to Canadian Tire to get real bird seed (surprisingly, the dollar store feed has failed to attract any birds yet.) and more soil. This was immediately followed by a rushed Dollarama trip to acquire marathon cheering supplies. Home, then laundry, gardening, sign making and cleaning up.

Then we watched the hockey game.

It was a good day. I didn’t run, but we biked about 15k over the course of the afternoon — and if you add my morning bike to and from the work event, it was closer to 20. I’m really enjoying having more variety in my work-out routines (even if it means less yoga).

Hooray for spring!



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