Distance Learning Project #1: Teach Yoga

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I’m a certified yoga teacher. And this means I have to start teaching. It only makes sense, right? I’m still in the works of recapping my teacher training (30 days is a lot of days!), but now that that part of my training is complete it’s time to begin the next phase, the Distance Learning Projects.

These projects must be completed in the next 11 months (I have until February 2014) and each project must represent one of the 7 pillars of Moksha. I’m Growing My Yoga, teaching yoga, and trying to live my yoga all over again…May is going to be a lot of yoga! The cool part about these distant learning projects is that I get to create them. I can write, make something, make a video, anything! The world is my oyster and the possibilities are limitless. I have a really good feeling about this.

Project #1: Teach. I have to teach 4 classes (2 60 minute classes, and 2 75/90 minutes classes) to a group of 6 people or more. And get their feedback! I need 24 feedback forms in total and 4 self reflection forms on how I felt the class went. Then I must report to my senior teacher supervisor Rose Cortez (hi Rose!) to talk about how each class went down.

I’ve been working away at the feedback part since returning home from training and New Orleans. I’ve taught a few work colleagues outside at lunch, I practice taught a few classes at Downtown, but this isn’t enough. I quickly realized just telling people the day of that I’m teaching a class that evening means people won’t come. Friends and family (ummm… Erin!) are busy and I get that. So I’ve created a schedule for the month of May.

I have until May 15th to get this done. So please come to my free classes! Yes all my classes free with the exception of my community class on Fridays. Community classes are $7. That’s still a rather good deal for hot yoga. Join my Facebook event for updates, schedule changes or additional classes.

See you at the studio!

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