Marathon Training Day #125: Yoga

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I have been really grumpy lately. It’s so frustrating. I mentioned this at work to two other runners and they were both like “oh yeah, that’s totally normal.”

What?! Why is this okay?! Gah! Two more weeks of hating everything? That’s not okay!

That said, my training has been going pretty well as we head into the final weeks. I’m doing all my runs and feeling strong.

Here’s what’s on deck for this week:

Monday: I FINALLY went to Jill’s yoga class. It was gentle, which was good.
Tuesday: 8k
Wednesday: 5k at 5:30 pace
Thursday: yoga for runners in the am, 45 minute hilly route in the pm
Friday: REST
Saturday: REST (we have a big day of patio furniture acquisition planned)
Sunday: 15k

I might not run today and might swap the 5:30 5k and the easy 8k to go to running group (Andie says this week is an easy run) because my legs are so tired. I’m starting to worry that this taper doesn’t include enough, well, tapering. But Andie is the boss!


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