Marathon Training Day #126: Book launch

I didn’t run today. I went to a book launch instead. I was hoping that by doing so I could shake things up, get out of this funk. The book launch was lovely, but it didn’t make me feel better about things. Instead, I felt guilty about missing my run — even though, at this point, missing a run means pretty much nothing. Ah well.

Oh, how I want this marathon to be over. I feel ready. I know I can do it. But I’ve spent too much time this past week thinking about my next goals and not this one. I don’t know if that’s a good sign. It’s probably not. I have a run in June with JK that’s just for fun. I’m excited to pace her through hr first 10k and enjoy the day. I had so much fun running ATB with Jill and I think this race will be an opportunity to have a similar experience.

I’m planning on doing Midsummer’s again, that’s always fun. And the Island Girl relay with Jill. I think we can finish Top 5 this year. We came 13th last year. And the big one: a sub 2:00 half at Scotiabank.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get through this marathon first.

A marathon. I’m running a marathon.

It still feels weird.

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