Marathon Training Day #128: run club

Jill came to run club! Hooray!

Jill came to run club! Hooray!

So I screwed up my counting. It was bound to happen. On Tuesday (day 126), I went to my community meeting. No running. On Wednesday (day 127), I went to a book launch (this I wrote about). No running. So that puts us at day 128 and back on track. I think.

I decided to go to run club on Thursday because it was the last run club I’d get a chance to go to before the marathon — which meant my last chance to see Andie before the race! So I decided to make Thursday my 8k day by adding a few kms in before run club, do speedwork on Friday and skip hill training. I can get my hills in elsewhere.

Although I learned at run club, this might be a bad idea.

Run club was big tonight, like 8 or 9 people showed up. One of the new gals was named Debbie and did the BN half last year. She let us in on all the BN secrets (there are A LOT of hills.) It was supposed to be an easy 5k, but we kept a relatively speedy pace — this made me feel better about doing only three runs this week. I felt happy and strong, a feeling I’ve been missing in my runs lately. I’m nervous about BN (having a super speedy goal time here seems like a bad idea), but I’m beginning to embrace the idea that next Sunday needs to be about the experience first, time later. I’m getting excited to go home, see the family and enjoy the city I love so much.

That matters more than a 4:2X marathon.




The run: 7.5k in 40:13
The route:

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2 thoughts on “Marathon Training Day #128: run club

  1. AM says:

    Good luck with Taper Time! Try not to go too crazy. Last year during Taper time I didn’t rest enough—mainly just stressed! Take advantage of less running and get excited! You are going to run a marathon! 🙂

    My race is now 15 days away and I’m getting pumped! 🙂


    • Erin says:

      Ha, thanks for the advice! I feel like such a slacker right now, missing runs left and right!

      Thanks for the well wishes! I’m excited for you! My coach is headed to Ottawa to run her friend in — she says it’s a great race!

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