Class #2: Free Yoga with Jill!

One thing I’m learning throughout this practice teaching/planning classes project – people like to work out earlier in the week. Which is totally understandable when you stop to think about it. Most people would prefer to have their Thursday evenings to do as the please. It’s one day away from the weekend and makes for an excellent night out — and now with the beautiful warm weather upon us, hockey playoffs — and that means finding a patio is much more appealing than grabbing your yoga mat.

I decided I would embrace this fact of life and take back Thursdays for myself after years spent at Downtown trading on Thursday nights. I’m running a lot more now and trying to be more serious about it. This means I will train for races and not run 30k on a whim. My goal is to run a marathon. Ideally, it would be this fall, but if Erin’s training is be any indication to the amount of work that needs to be done, I need to smarten up!  I need to create a weekly plan where I have my days to teach, practice, and run! And right now teaching is really important.

So Mondays from now on will be teaching night. Every Monday evening for the spring at 6:30pm I’m offering free non heated classes at Moksha Downtown. In case you haven’t seen it here’s my teaching calendar for May:

Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 8.22.02 AM

My second class took place on a Monday and as expected the turn out was much better (and easier to get people to come!).  I was able to do my thing and didn’t think about what has happening. I was just teaching. It felt natural, I wasn’t crawling with awkwardness, and my students enjoyed themselves! It was a win for everyone.

Join me Monday evenings! And follow us on Facebook for all your yoga event needs. I’d love to have you in my class!


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