Marathon Training Day #132: IKEA

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You guys, where did the almost summer weather go? It’s been gray and cold and windy all weekend and it’s no fun!

Because this week has been filled with a lot of tapering and not a lot of running, I decided to run for at least 40 minutes at a fast-but-not-too-fast pace. I didn’t map a route out, I just went. For the first half, I felt tired and heavy. But once I got out of the valley and on Broadview, I started to feel stronger (I think the downhill curve of Broadview helps), so I pushed it to the end.

Then Matt and I went to IKEA to get patio furniture (and were slightly successful — they were out of the corner piece on the sectional we wanted, so we got an extra middle seat. When the corners come in we will have a GIANT outdoor couch). Then we got more green stuff for the backyard (gardening is expensive!). Then it was cold and I was tired and my adventuring for the day was over.


PS. Oh, and my math on my marathon training days is way, way off. It turns out 131 isn’t divisible by 7! Who knew?! So I’ve fixed it. I think. Just know it’s been a really long time and it’s almost over.

PPS. I need marathon music mix suggestions! Help a girl out!

PPPS. The Blue Nose Twitter-er (tweeter?) confirmed there will be pace bunnies. I will not be alone!!!



The run: 7.3k in 43:54
The route:

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